Sweet Oven Bliss Story


Our love for baking and creating art in cakes began over 25 years ago.   

My mother who has been the creator of all Sweet Oven Bliss’s cakes began her business as a means to provide for her six children. Struggling everyday to provide us with a better life than her own, she got the courage to go to school to gain the knowledge and skills to become a cake decorator. Soon after completing the school courses, my mother then took the next step and began to sell her cake slices.

After school we would come home to find my mother and her half sheet plastic containers full of cake slices ready for sell. We would spend all afternoon knocking door to door selling our dollar cake slices.  At the time I did not understand the true value this had on my life nor the values it would teach me for when I would become an adult.

My mother did not only want to give us a better future, but she needed us to learn the life lesson that in order to succeed in this life we must work hard to get where we want to be and who we can become.

Today we continue to grow and learn in order to provide all of our customers with a memorable cake in which they can enjoy with their loved ones.